Spot an array

Android application for multiple biomarker detection

Spot an array
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Android application for multiple biomarker detection of a protein microarray-based fluorescence immunoassay

The software can be used to automatically evaluate fluorescence microarray images produced with a cellphone-based detection platform as described in the manuscript Calling biomarkers in milk using a protein microarray on your cellphone (Ludwig, et al. see link)). It is possible to take new images with the cellphone camera as well as load images saved on the cellphone to evaluate them.

- Spot-An-Array_1_0.apkExternal link

- Install instructions


To install Spot-An-array on your cellphone, make sure you have Android 4.0 (API level 14) or higher.

1. Download Spot-An-Array_1_0.apkExternal link and save it on the cellphone.

2. Enable installation from unknown sources:

- Go to settings.

- Tap on security.

- Scroll down to Device administartion and check Unknow sources.

- Tap OK when warning window appears.

3. Find your Spot-An-Array.apk and tap it to install on the cellphone.

The software is freely available for academic users and for testing.

In case of commercial use, the users are kindly requested to contact us for agreeing on a contract of utilization.