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1981-1986: Undergraduate studies in Biophysics at Humboldt University, Berlin

1986-1988: Graduate studies in Theoretical Biophysics at Humboldt University, Berlin
(Supervisor: Professor Reinhart Heinrich)

1988: PhD thesis entitled "Theoretical studies on the interrelation between time hierarchy in enzymatic reaction systems and optimization principles." For this thesis, I was awarded the degrees of both Dr. rer. nat. and Dr. sc. nat.

1988-1991: Postdoc at Humboldt-University, in the group of Reinhart Heinrich

September 1991-November 1992: Postdoc at the Université Bordeaux II, in the group of Professor Jean-Pierre Mazat

December 1992-March 1993: Postdoc at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, in the group of Dr. Hans Westerhoff

May 1993-April 1997: Senior scientist and lecturer in Biophysics at Humboldt-University, in the group of Reinhart Heinrich

1996: Appointment as a "Privat-Dozent" (Reader) in Theoretical Biophysics

May 1997-April 2003: Scientist at the Max Delbrück Center, Berlin-Buch, still teaching at Humboldt University

August-October 1997: Visiting scientist at the University of Maribor (Slovenia), Dept. of Physics, in the group of Professor Milan Brumen

August 1998-April 2003: Funding by a Heisenberg grant of the DFG

November/December 1998: Working visit at Stuttgart University, Institute of Bioengineering

Since May 2003: Head of the Chair of Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Since 2008: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Golm

Since 2008: Co-spokesman of the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics

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Alle Publikation von Prof. Schuster ab 1987  finden Sie auf der Publikationsseite des Lehrstuhls:

Hier eine Auswahl aus der Publikationsliste:

P. Sieber, M. Platzer, S. Schuster
The definition of open reading frame revisited
Trends in Genetics 34, 2018, 167-170
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S. Schuster
A new solution concept for the ultimatum game leading to the Golden Ratio
Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 5642
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S. Schuster, M. Fichtner, S. Sasso
Use of Fibonacci numbers in lipidomics - Enumerating various classes of fatty acids
Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 39821
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S. Pande, H. Merker, K. Bohl, M. Reichelt, S. Schuster, L.F. de Figueiredo, C. Kaleta , C. Kost
Fitness and stability of obligate cross-feeding interactions that emerge upon gene loss in bacteria
ISME Journal 8, 2014, 953–962
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K. Schmeisser, J. Mansfeld, D. Kuhlow, S. Weimer, K. Zarse, S. Priebe, I. Heiland, M. Birringer, M. Groth, A Segref, C. Werner, S. Schmeisser, S. Schuster, A. Pfeiffer, R. Guthke, M. Platzer, T. Hoppe, H. Cohen, D. Sinclair, M. Ristow
Role of sirtuins in lifespan regulation is linked to methylation of nicotinamide
Nature Chemical Biology 9, 2013, 693-700
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F. Wessely, M. Bartl, R. Guthke, P. Li, S. Schuster, C. Kaleta
Optimal regulatory strategies for metabolic pathways in Escherichia coli depending on protein costs.
Molecular Systems Biology 7, 2011, 515
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A. Rezola, L. F. de Figueiredo, M. Brock, J. Pey, A. Podhorski, C. Wittmann, S. Schuster, A. Bockmayr, F.J. Planes
Exploring metabolic pathways in genome-scale networks via generating flux modes.
Bioinformatics 27 (4), Feb, 2011, 534-540
bibtex | abstract |  doi  |  PudMed-ID: 21149278 ]

S. Schuster, T. Pfeiffer, D.A. Fell
Is maximization of molar yield in metabolic networks favoured by evolution?
Journal of Theoretical Biology 252, 2008, 497-504
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A. von Kamp, S. Schuster
Metatool 5.0: fast and flexible elementary modes analysis
Bioinformatics 22, 2006, 1930-1931
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J.A. Papin, J. Stelling, N.D. Price, S. Klamt, S. Schuster, B.O. Palsson
Comparison of network-based pathway analysis methods.
Trends in Biotechnology 22, 2004, 400-405
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J. Stelling, S. Klamt, K. Bettenbrock, S. Schuster, ED. Gilles
Metabolic network structure determines key aspects of functionality and regulation.
Nature 420 (6912), 2002, 190-193
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S. Schuster, M. Marhl, T. Höfer
Modelling of simple and complex calcium oscillations. From single-cell responses to intercellular signalling.
European Journal of Biochemistry 269, 2002, 1333-1355
bibtex |  doi  |  PudMed-ID: 11874447 ]

S. Schuster, T. Pfeiffer, F. Moldenhauer, I. Koch, T. Dandekar
Exploring the pathway structure of metabolism: decomposition into subnetworks and application to Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Bioinformatics 18, 2002, 351-361
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S. Schuster, C. Hilgetag, J.H. Woods, D.A. Fell
Reaction routes in biochemical reaction systems: algebraic properties, validated calculation procedure and example from nucleotide metabolism
Journal of Mathematical Biology 45, 2002, 153-181
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T. Pfeiffer, S. Schuster, S. Bonhoeffer
Cooperation and competition in the evolution of ATP-producing pathway
Science 292, 2001, 504-507
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S. Schuster, DA. Fell, T. Dandekar
A general definition of metabolic pathways useful for systematic organization and analysis of complex metabolic networks
Nat Biotechnol 18, 2000, 326-332
bibtex | abstract |  PudMed-ID: 10700151 ]

S. Schuster, T. Dandekar, D.A. Fell
Detection of elementary flux modes in biochemical networks: a promising tool for pathway analysis and metabolic engineering
Trends in Biotechnology 17, 1999, 53-60
bibtex | abstract |  doi  |  PudMed-ID: 10087604 ]

S. Schuster, D. Kahn, H.V. Westerhoff
Modular analysis of the control of complex metabolic pathways
Biophysical Chemistry 48, 1993, 1-17
bibtex | abstract |  PudMed-ID: 8257764 ]

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2000-2008 Associate editor and since 2009 one of the editors of the journal BioSystems.

BioSystems encourages experimental, computational, and theoretical
articles that link biology, evolutionary thinking, and the information
processing sciences. The link areas form a circle that encompasses the
fundamental nature of biological information processing, computational
modeling of complex biological systems, evolutionary models of
computation, the application of biological principles to the design of
novel computing systems, and the use of biomolecular materials to
synthesize artificial systems that capture essential principles of
natural biological information processing.

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A large number of topics in the study programme of biophysics from 1985 - 2003, e.g. General Biophysics, Biological Thermodynamics, Biological Systems Theory, Classical Mechanics, and Hydrodynamics. Moreover, I gave lecture series on "Modelling of Biochemical Reaction Systems" at Stuttgart University and the Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg. Since I work at Jena University, I give classes in "Introduction to Bioinformatics", ""Metabolic and Regulatory Networks",  "3D Structures in biological Macromolecules" and " Optimality Principles in Evolution".

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